Back to the Territories: Georgia with The Masked Superstar
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Running time: 2:00

Today much is made about wrestling wars, but how much do wrestling fans know about the "war for Atlanta?" It was very real, and saw the biggest stars in wrestling being utilized by the NWA to protect what was seen as an assault on one of its major territories. Standing opposite the Alliance and Jim Barnett was Ann Gunkel, widow of promoter and wrestling star Ray Gunkel.

Join host Jim Cornette and Bill Eadie, The Masked Superstar, one of the Georgia territory's huge stars and bookers, for a trip down Atlanta way. Go inside the Georgia wrestling operation before TBS, Black Saturday, and the Crocketts. Hear the stories surrounding the area's colorful stars like Tommy Rich, T Bolt Patterson, Freebirds, Mr Wrestling I and II, Ole Anderson, and so many more. Jump in, we're heading to Hot-lanta!

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