Guest Booker w Bruce Prichard
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Bret screwed Bret.

That's our guest's take on the happenings in Montreal when Vince McMahon strong-armed his belt back from his one time franchise player, Bret Hart. Millions watched, millions have their opinions about what took place. It remains wrestling's most talked about screwjob.

But how many people were actually THERE for it...for the meetings beforehand, the options the office was considering, the day to day events as the company was heading down a financially tumultuous road? And how many people were with Vince the night it all went down?

Our Guest Booker, Bruce Prichard, was. Let Bruce take you back to the booking meetings and the locker room when Vince and Bret finally met. Prichard's long tenure with WWE creative is covered
as we spend time with a writer who transcended the goofy days of Goons and Mantaurs through the era of attitude.

On the critically acclaimed series Guest Booker!

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