Back to the Territories: All Japan w Stan Hansen
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Running time: 2:23

After legendary wrestler and promoter Rikidozan conceded operations of Japan's wrestling landscape, two men were given the keys to that kingdom. Those men, Antonio Inoki and Shohei Baba, would work together both in the ring as a team and also running the promotion. That is until Inoki and Baba parted to form their own respective promotions.

American "gaijin" made fortunes and often swore allegiance to one or the other promoter, touring Japan for either All Japan or New Japan. And tonight's guest worked for both and became Japan's most famous gaijin. Join Stan Hansen as he and host Jim Cornette trace the history of Japanese wrestling from Rikidozan up through Inoki and Baba's split, and through Hansen's amazing run in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Get ready to hit yet another territory and hop on the bus with Stan, Abby, Brody, DiBiase and head Back to the Territories!

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