Timeline: History of WCW - 1994 - Told by Eric Bischoff
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About Video : TImeline: History of WCW - 1994 - Told by Eric Bischoff
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There are watershed moments in the history of pro wrestling where the business is redefined, reinvented, or otherwise recast in a new mold. The year 1994 saw one of those moments when Hulk Hogan signed with the archenemy, WCW. It would reshape wrestling and create a new kind of competitive drama.

And behind all of this was a mastermind who would go on to helm WCW and achieve the unthinkable.

Join Eric Bischoff as he takes you back to the year when he began his ascension up the ranks of WCW and fired the opening salvo of what would become a "war." Go inside the oft discussed talent meetings. Hear about the hirings FedEx firings first-hand!

Everything you've wanted to know about Eric's formulation of the plan to bring down Rome begins HERE, in 1994 with Okerlund, Heenan, Hogan, Savage, and so much more! Become an insider during WCW's turbulent times, with the tensions between Dusty and Flair, Flair's reluctant "retirement," a budget that was unmanageable and ratings that were drowning. And hear how EB put all the pieces in place to turn the thing around in a big way!

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