Back to the Territories: Florida
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Running time: 2:25

When Eddie Graham took control of pro wrestling in the state of Florida from
Cowboy Luttrel, one of the most significant developments in wrestling history was being put in place. Graham would go on to make Florida a premiere breeding ground for talent and future bookers alike. His mastery and genius are universally recognized.

Join Jim Cornette and Kevin Sullivan, a product of Eddie Graham's genius and a booker that learned at his feet. Kevin worked Florida as a top heel and then as a booker. But more importantly to this discussion, Kevin was close to Eddie the man. Eddie confided in Kevin, sometimes before even his own son Mike, placing a strain on Kevin and Mike's friendship.

We will take you back into the glory days of Florida, from the birth of The "American Dream," to the Jack Brisco/Dory Funk Jr feud. This is your ticket inside Eddie Graham's legendary territory during it's fiery NWA reign. Hop in with Corny and Kevin and head Back to the Territories!

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