Hitting the Highspots with Rich Swann
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About Video : Hitting the Highspots w/ Rich Swann

Rob Naylor sits down with the multi-talented Rich Swann for this edition of "Hitting the Highspots". This interview covers a lot of ground and because of Naylor's unique interview style, the smallest of details is explored to the fullest.

From Rich's early days of CZW, to his long residence in Japan, to his unbelievable matches with Trent Barretta. Also, there is a lot of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla talk in this interview.

In addition, Rich shines a light on some of the up and coming British Independent Wrestling talent. Proving his wide array of talents, Rich ends this interview with a free style guitar jam session.

Swann is know for performing highspots in the ring, but he also is "Hitting the Highspots" with Rob Naylor.

Bonus Matches

Rich Swann vs. Alex Colon - CZW - "Proving Grounds" (5/14/11)
Rich Swann vs. Chris Hero vs. Tony Nese - PWX "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger 3" (11/23/13)
Aprox. Total Running Time: 1 hour 56 mins

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