Back to the Territories: Puerto Rico w Savio Vega
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Running time 1:45

The mysterious and enchanting island of Puerto Rico is home to possibly the most passionate wrestling fans the sport has ever known. Wrestlers from the States have told many a story about dodging the occasional fist, rock, and spark plug while getting the best of a local
babyface. Yet so little is known by most fans of the culture and history of the Puerto Rico territory. Today, Jim Cornette and guest Savio Vega hope to change all that.

Join them as they head all the way back to the territory's inception and guide us through the years to today. You will hear about the legends like Carlos Colon and hear Savio's first-hand account of the darkest night in the territory when Bruiser Brody was murdered. Savio was there
and goes into great detail about not only that night, but what he saw after the trial in a stadium dugout hours before belltime. Get ready to head BACK TO PUERTO RICO!!!

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