Sell Your Media

There is no monthly/annual member fee 
  • All transactional costs are paid by DIY
  • You'll gain the benefit of being part of the DIY network to attract new customers so its a nice supplement to your existing digital system 
  • Paid upon request through PayPal rather than waiting 30 days after the close of each month.

DIYWrestling is DO IT YOURSELF WRESTLING! If you've ever wanted to give your wrestling company more exposure and at the same time create a new revenue stream from your content, the DIYWrestling is for YOU! We've made it so simple that now ANYONE can open up their own wrestling on-demand site! Best of all, YOU GET PAID when you want to get paid!!! With DIYWrestling there is no minimum that you have to reach to get a payout! Just request a payment and we'll send it to your PayPal account almost instantly!*

Just sign up for a free account! It's simple and fast. Then you upload the media files you'd like to offer along with some information about the media. It's that easy! Don't forget to promote your media available then sit back and watch your bank account grow! If you own original content, just fill out our simple sign up form to get started!

IMPORTANT - You MUST own the rights to the footage you upload to DIYWrestling. We do provide a process to flag content that violates copyright issues. Users that attempt to sell footage that they do not own can be banned from using our site.

* Initial payments must be approved by the DIYWrestling Team and may take 1-3 days depending on when the request was sent. Once you are an established content provider, you can be set up for instant payments.

Step-by-Step Directions to Add your Media for sale on DIYW

Under the MY ACCOUNT tab, click on ADD MEDIA

You will need to input the following:

Media Name:  The name of your media. It's a good idea to use important infomation for the name. Consider the name of the promotion, event name, date, and if it's a single match, be sure to include their names.

Category:  Select the category you think best fits your media. If you have content that you feel needs a new category, just e-mail us and we'll consider adding a new one.

Price:  You select the amount you want to charge for people to view your media.

Media Expiry Days:  How many days you want to let someone watch your media. The default is 3 days

Maximum Views:  How many times you want to let someone watch your media. The default is 3 times.

Description:  This is where you want to give as much information about your media as you can. If it's an entire event, you should include the promotion's name, the match listing, date, location, and anything else you think a view may need to know about your media.

Tags:  You'll see Common Tags you can select from or you can enter new ones. The name of the promotion and the wrestlers that are featured are good ideas to tag your media. This helps people find your content based on what you have selected. Please don't use tags that are not really applicable to your media. Abusing this could result in your account being suspended.

Media Type:  Select your media type, either Audio or Video. You will not be able to change media type once you selected.

Thumbnail:  Click on the blue Add Thumbnail button, then select a file to upload.

You must click on the red Save Media Details button to update any info including the thumbnail. You will then select a video to upload. Video files must be MP4 or FLV and must be 5-gigs or less and Audio files must be 500-mb or less.


DIYwrestling (Do It Yourself) designed to allow everybody to showcase their content, full and instant access to sales information and, and immediate access to the funds generated from these sales.

As a content provider, you can upload your content directly, set your own pricing, and set your own permissions/restrictions on how long you want to make the content available for viewing.

You will get instant notification of any sales through an e-mail and will have access to the names of your customers via these e-mails and/or by simply logging into your DIY account.

Unlike other sites that hide the information of sales or only do payouts at the end of a specific time period, DIYwrestling allows full disclosure of this information and instant access to these funds once the sellers are verified.

DIYwrestling allows content providers to focus on creating the content and not dealing with the service issues and costs of running their own digital site.

You can integrate DIYwrestling with your existing social media sites/websites to push digital sales or you can use it as a secondary site to attract new customers that you're not currently reaching on your own.

All digital files are hosted on Amazon, so you're not relying on a small hosting company that cannot handle the load.

The default revenue split is 50/50 and sellers can become a "preferred seller" and get 60% of all sales quickly. To reach a preferred seller status, you just have to generate a steady level of sales to prove there is an audience for your product.



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